The closure of Wrawby Junction Signalbox

24th December 2015

I was very fortunate to be invited by Network Rail to witness the last few minutes of mechanical signalling at Wrawby Junction,
before this and 12 other local signalboxes were decommissioned as part of the areas resignalling.

The impressive 137 lever frame is positioned on the rear wall of the box.

The signalbox was one of the largest mechanical boxes in UK worked by a single signaller.

The track diagram above the block shelf.

Signaller David Neve was on duty for the final shift. He is pulling off for the final train movement past Wrawby Junction to be signalled
by the semaphores. This was 5F76, an ECS movement from Cleethorpes to Sheffield of the Northern 153 unit from the Barton service.

This passed Wrawby Junction at 21.17 hrs.

Updating the signalbox log book.

A sad moment as 7-5-5, signalbox closing bell code, is sent and received from Barnetby East signalbox manned by Jim Tyers.

With Elsham box on the Scunthorpe line already closed 7-5-5 is sent to Holton le Moor & Brigg.


Left: Network Rail staff Dale Coupland (l), David Neve (middle) & Jim Mansfield (r).
Right: David Neve replaces the final lever back into the frame.

Wrawby Junction signalbox was decommssioned at 21.36 hrs on Christmas Eve 2015.

As we walked back to Barnetby station with our hosts one could not help but think that a favourite railway location was about
to be transformed beyond recognition to "steam era" railway enthusiasts.

  The bright headlights on the right were the beginnings of the convoy of engineers vehicles moving down to the junction.

Many thanks to Network Rail for the invitation to visit Wrawby Junction at this time.