Images of Willoughby Junction

(Authors collection)
Station staff pose for the camera at Willoughby station in early 1900s. Viewed from
south of station the Mablethorpe line bay platform was behind the right hand platform.

(courtesy of Ian Jopson)
Willoughby station looking north. The loop line to Sutton on Sea and Mablethorpe diverged
from the main Peterborough to Grimsby East Lincolnshire line to the right beyond
the island platform. Branch trains used the bay behind the building on right.
All this was closed in 1970, and little trace remains of this busy junction.

(courtesy of Ian Jopson)
Willoughby Junction signalbox controlled access to the Mablethorpe branch at the north
end of Willoughby station.

(courtesy of Ian Jopson)
Willoughby station signalbox was situated on the south end of the down platform.