Ulceby Junction Signalbox - 2nd June 2002

153301 leaves Ulceby station and takes the left hand track at Ulceby Junction for Habrough, on a service from Barton on Humber on 2/6/02.

The interior of Ulceby Junction signalbox with a smaller frame than I`d imagined. Seen on a visit arranged by "The Friends of the Barton line".

Signalbox diagram showing the single line connection for Habrough (in centre) and the double line connection to Brocklesby Junction.
Double track (bottom right) is for Immingham, whilst double track just above it is the line to Oxmarsh Crossing box, on the Barton line.

Sections of the lever frame which has many out of use levers.

The level crossing operating wheel. The gates were later replaced by full barriers worked from the box.

Left: Immingham double track turns to right just after the bi-directional Ulceby station platform used by Barton line services.
Right: Left hand single line is for Habrough then Grimsby & Cleethorpes. Right twin track is for Brocklesby Junction & Barnetby.

(photo - Graham Taylor)
Ulceby Junction signalbox was decommissioned on Christmas Eve 2015 as part of the North Lincolnshire resignalling project.

(photo - Graham Taylor)
It was demolished on the 27th December 2015.