The Tynesider - Cleethorpes to Newcastle
Stock movements 9th March 2012

47760 and 47580 bring the stock for "The Tynesider" to Barnetby sidings - seen at Worlaby.

70013 and support coach, which have spent the previous week in Cleethorpes station, are ready
to be hauled by diesel to Ulceby for turning

47760, which has left the coaching stock at Barnetby, arrives at Cleethorpes and couples onto 70013s support coach.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Now slowly drawing out of Cleethorpes station which has been its home for almost a week...

(photo - Tony Bradley)
..Cromwell is once more in steam and on its way for turning at Ulceby.

47760 seen passing Ulceby Jcn signalbox as it hauls 70013 off the spur from Habrough.

The 2 locos and support coach are now in Ulceby station..

..and "Oliver Cromwell" restarts the short train back over the crossing to take the line to Brocklesby Jcn and Barnetby.

(photo - Stephen Richards)
Arriving at Barnetby shortly afterwards for overnight stabling.

70013 in the yard at Barnetby where it is coaled ready for the following days trip to Newcastle.
It will be pulled back to Cleethorpes, complete with stock, by 47580 in the morning.

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