Trois Vallees - Chemin de fer Touristique
Mariembourg - Treignes (Belgium)

Impressive roundhouse at Mariembourg - 12/9/06

A non operating day - sign advertising Festival de la Vapeur 23 & 24/9 - 12/9/06

Polish tank engine in roundhouse

Superb shed atmosphere in this small but well stocked steam shed.

Belgian, Polish and German locos side by side. 12/9/06

Treignes station at other end of line - also a non-operating day 15/9/06
There is also a railway museum at Treignes - unfortunately I arrived 15 mins too late to see it!

All was not lost though as a shrill whistle from distance heralded the arrival of a special train ..

This disgorged its passengers to the museum and then did some impressive shunting moves.. removing the van from rear of train..

..and disappearing almost out of sight to return to station.

Seen here taking water prior to return to Mariembourg. 15/09/06