Talyllyn Railway
Rheilffordd Talyllyn.
Victorian Train Experience - 29th September 2011

Locomotive No.2 "Dolgoch", built by Fletcher Jennings in 1866, at Tywyn Wharf station.

"Dolgoch" being coaled by hand at Tywyn Wharf station.

Now coaled and on the front of its fine rake of 4 period coaches, "Dolgoch" awaits departure from Tywyn
with its special train, the "Victorian Train Experience", described by the railway as a "discreetly conducted tour".

This train was due to leave at 11.00, some 30 minutes after the service train,
allowing time for photostops at intermediate stations.

First stop was Rhydyronen where passengers alighted, and the train propelled out of the station...

... to perform a superb run past for the cameras.

"Dolgoch" ready to depart from Rhydyronen. A member of train staff stands by loco to
ensure safe crossing of track by photographers.

Next stop was the magical setting of Dolgoch station where the locomotive took water.

After water was taken a propelling movement over the viaduct produced two run pasts.

"Dolgoch" propelling its train over the viaduct for its second run past.

The train now running over the viaduct and into Dolgoch station.