Second Class Singles

                       BR Grimsby Town to Louth                                             BR New Clee blank to Grimsby Docks

      BR bidirectional Grimsby Docks to Grimsby Town                       BR Grimsby Town to Grimsby Docks


                   BR Grimsby Town to Willoughby                                          BR Grimsby Town to Firsby

                    BR Stickney blank to Firsby                                                       BR Midville to Firsby

           BR Algarkirk to Peterborough North                             BR Havenhouse to Skegness or Thorpe Culvert

               BR Skegness to Havenhouse                                               BR Skegness to Thorpe Culvert

                       BR Cowbit to Grantham                                                       BR Newcastle to Boston

    BR bi-directional Sleaford to Ancaster or Heckington                        BR Boston to Hubberts Bridge

     BR bi-directional Sleaford to Ancaster or Heckington                           BR Spalding to Sleaford

                               BR Heckington to Sleaford                                              Forces Duty Lincoln to Heckington

                                                                                   Above 4 tickets appear courtesy of Jon Stubley

BR Hull to New Holland (Toll Paid)