Tickets from "The New Line"

The Great Northern Railway built a light railway from Kirkstead (on the Lincoln to Boston line) to Little Steeping (on the East Lincolnshire line)
with the purpose of making it easier to operate trains from Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln to Skegness by alleviating reversal at Boston. The line opened
in 1913, hence pre-grouping tickets are hard to come by because of the short period between the opening of the line and the formation of the LNER.

New Bolingbroke

Here is an example of a GNR privilege ticket overstamped with LNER.

LNER military service ticket New Bolingbroke to Lincoln

BR ticket to Louth via Firsby


Stickney to Birmingham via Lincoln and Derby

Stickney to Lincoln via Tumby Woodside

A dog ticket to Midville

BR ticket Stickney to New Bolingbroke

Stickney to Tumby Woodside

Tumby Woodside

Privilege ticket to New Bolingbroke

BR ticket with destinations either side of Tumby Woodside


Blank military service ticket from Midville

Childs Midville to Lincoln

Privilege Midville to Stickney

Midville to Tumby Woodside

Midville to Lincoln


RAF Coningsby would no doubt provide many furlough tickets

Coningsby to Tumby Woodside

Excursion from Coningsby to Skegness

Forces leave ticket to Grantham

Finally an accompanied pram ticket to Stickney