London North Eastern Railway Tickets from/to Louth

Louth to Alford Town single - furlough ticket.

Louth to Alford Town return - a furlough ticket was issued
to members of the armed forces going on leave.

Louth to Firsby single - furlough.

Louth to Grantham single - furlough

A handwritten Louth to North Thoresby single - furlough

A special single Louth to Mablethorpe or Theddlethorpe

A privilege ticket (for railway staff) Nth Thoresby to Louth

An interesting Louth to Netherfield & Colwick, near Nottingham
for use on the louth to Bardney route

A colourful pram ticket.

A free platform ticket for Louth

An LNER half day excursion from Kings Cross
to Louth - how much time would anyone have in Louth on one?

British Railways Tickets from/to Louth

Third class return Cleethorpes to Louth

Louth to Firsby single - note price rise!

Louth to Fotherby for a "tanner".

Louth to Grimsby Town

Louth to North Thoresby