Great Northern Railway Tickets
Louth to Bardney branchline stations

A GNR Boston to Donington-on-Bain single allowing
travel either via Louth or Bardney

Donington-on-Bain from Great Grimsby

Legbourne Rd to Donington-on-Bain

A GNR ticket from Great Grimsby to Withcall

Grantham to South Willingham

Grantham to Wragby

Kingthorpe to East Barkwith

Lincoln to Kingthorpe

A Lincoln to Great Grimsby via Wragby (& Louth).

A GNR (overstamped LNER) dog ticket from Kingthorpe
- note the liability of 2!

A very colourful day 1902 excursion ticket to Lincoln Races
from South Willingham

London North Eastern Railway tickets

A ticket for the full length of the branch.

A childs ticket with a choice of destination.

A Withcall to Hallington ticket, issued on 3rd November 1951,
the last day of passenger operation

Hallington to Withcall

An interesting journey to Donington from Scarborough.

A longer journey from Abergaveny 

A cheap day return to Mablethorpe from East Barkwith 

British Railways Ticket

The line closed in 1951 - possibly BR tickets are quite rare.