Threlkeld Quarry Railway
21st September 2013

The Threlkeld Quarry Railway station on 21st September 2013, with Superb Lakeland scenery
and the fell tops shrouded in low cloud.

The resident steam locomotive is 1926 Bagnall named after Sir Tom Callender of British Insulated Callender Cables.

Having just left the station the line climbs steeply in places up towards the quarry.

View from the rear of the train.

Arrival at the inner quarry and passengers are encouraged to disembark and look around...

...whilst "Sir Tom" runs around its train dwarfed by a Ruston-Bucyrus excavator.

A smoky shot of the inner quarry layout and loco running around.

The points are reset and "Sir Tom" runs forward to collect its train.

Ready for return from the inner quarry.

On the return the train is seen passing the quarry works..

..where it stops for refreshments (superb bacon sandwiches!) and a chance to view the vintage excavators at work.

Returning downhill from the refreshment halt.

Back at the station the loco detaches from its train and runs into the headshunt...

...before running forward to take water on the shed.