Tanfield Railway, County Durham, UK

22nd October 2016

In late afternoon loco No.3, "Twizell", built by  Robert Stephenson & Co. stands outside Marley Hill shed on 22nd October 2016.

Steam is being raised for an evening photographic event.

"Twizell" moving off shed in swirling clouds of steam.

A rake of passenger carriages is coupled up and the train heads for the main line.

3 run pasts were done first as the light was fading.

A full head of steam as "Twizell" storms up the branch.

The train was then propelled the short distance to Andrews House station as the photographers set up their equipment.

Simmering quietly in the platform...

.... the fireman uses the injector to refill the boiler.

Light is fading quickly now and a long exposure blurs the steam from the safety valves.

The loco had to be detached to pull forward to take water from the tower.

After moving from the station the train was posed on the mainline near Marley Hill signalbox.

A final shot on the main line - it had started to rain heavily by now!

Inside of Marley Hill engine shed.

A very good evenings photography for a tenner - great value!