The Swanage Railway - Dorset UK

80078 enters Norden station with the 1230 service from Swanage on 22nd Sept 2005

Having run round train 80078 prepares to depart Norden with the 1310 train for Swanage

Later in day 80078 pictured entering the picturesque station at Swanage

80078 about to enter headshunt for run round. Two preserved diesels on adjacent road.

34028 "Eddystone" runs around its train at the Swanage terminus on 17th Sept 2005

Water is taken at the platform end before departure

"Eddystone" almost ready to depart Swanage for Norden

80078 runs around 2 coach driver training train on Sat 17th Sept 2005

View from loco shed viewing area of "Eddystone" leaving Swanage

A fine exit from Swanage station past loco shed

34028 departs Corfe Castle for Norden park and ride station

"Eddystone" leaving Corfe Castle station - view from castle

80078 pictured at Corfe Castle awaits clearance to travel back to Swanage
light engine after driver experience train duties 17th Sept 2005

Every photographers nightmare! You stand in postion early at end of platform ready for that
definitive shot - then you are surrounded by 50 schoolkids with their cameras - its OK though because you
can see over their heads - then the signalman comes and stands in front of you to exchange token with driver
and you`re well and truly stuck - shame would have been a great shot on my last day of hol!