Sutton on Sea still on the railway map thanks to its railway cottages

Back in October 1970 you could have been forgiven for thinking that was the end of Sutton on Sea's place on the railway map
of the UK - but: not quite. Even when the demolition trains had taken up the rails of the Mablethorpe loop to Willoughby and the Alford to
Sutton 2' 6" gauge tramway (closed 85 years earlier) had faded into the mists, one significant railway "interest" remained.
The resort is home to three remarkable homes built from old Great Eastern Railway carriages - in one case, the house is of two storeys
with the carriages forming the upper level. This sadly was badly damaged by fire recently (July 2012) .

These grade-two listed buildings were built as holiday homes before WW1 and two are now  said to be lived in all the time.

The third two storey example appears unfit for habitation at present due to the fire damage.

At one time, it's worth adding, houses built from old carriages were common feature of the coastline and countryside, both as residential
homes for working class families or as holiday cottages for the slightly more affluent.

Their importance has been recognised by the Heritage Lottery Fund who have grant aided the restoration of a Great Eastern
carriage, which is very similar to those at Sutton. This is to be found at the Holt terminus of the North Norfolk Railway,
seen above, where it can be visited when trains are running.

Photos and words by Chris Bates - August 2012