Stapleford Miniature Railway (10.25 inch gauge)
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England.
(All photos 24th August 2003)

New York Central 6019 4-8-4 Niagara class express passenger locomotive brings a train to a stand,
alongside ready to depart David Curwen Atlantic "John H Gretton" at the station.

 LMS Jubilee 5565 'Victoria' double heading with David Curwen Warship Diesel Hydraulic stand
at buffer stops in the station having recently brought a train in. A loco from the turning triangle
will couple onto other end of train for next departure thus releasing these two locos for turning.

New York Chicago and St Louis Railway 752 "Berkshire" couples onto train as
driver prepares loco for departure.

The Jubilee and Warship, having, turned on triangle, reverse into station to couple onto their train.

The driver of the train engine collects the single line token as he enters the main line.

"John H Gretton" emerges from the Primrose Hill portal of the tunnel and heads towards the lake.

A view across the lake of the train returning to Lakeside on the balloon loop.

The Curwen atlantic approaching the tunnel on the return from Lakeside.

The Niagra approaching the Primrose Hill portal of the tunnel on the return.

The Berkshire class loco emerges from the Box Tunnel portal of the tunnel.

Please note - the Stapleford Miniature Railway only opens for the public on
two weekends a year (usually June/August) when proceeds are donated to charity.

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