Stallingborough Railway station

A pre-war view of Stallingborough station, situated on the GCR line between Grimsby
and Barnetby, with a small herd of cows lazily heading westward.

Station Road looking westwards showing Stallingborough station building on Grimsby side
(left) of crossing - signalbox to right. (Pre-war)

Station buildings are in the GCR style of the area. Booking office and station house are on
the westbound platform (right), waiting room & shelter on eastbound side. (Early 1900s)

A later view of station and signalbox.

Another turn of the century picture, possibly showing a special outing, as everyone appears
to be in their Sunday best clothes.

Station staff at Stallingborough. Probably pre 1922 as there are a number
of Great Central Railway (GCR) cap badges in evidence.

A 1970`s picture of the station taken from the westbound platform.
Signals are now upper quadrant std BR types.

A "slushy" winters day (1960`s) shot of a Derby dmu crossing Station Road
with Ford Anglia waiting at gates.