Sleaford Station in 1970`s

(Photo - Paul Hepworth)
A dmu arriving at Sleaford from the east in 1971.

 (Courtesy of Ian Jopson)
The view from platform 1 at Sleaford station looking Eastwards. All semaphore signals have

now been replaced and track singled beyond the level crossing.

  (Courtesy of Ian Jopson)
Buildings on platform 1

  (Courtesy of Ian Jopson)
View of platform 2 from platform 1 looking westward towards Sleaford West signal box.

 (Courtesy of Ian Jopson)
Detail of the footbridge linking the island platform (2&3). This is still in use today.

  (Courtesy of Ian Jopson)
The exterior of Sleaford station.

(photo Steve Curtis)
Class 40 at platform 1 on a "Skeggy" service.