The Skegness branch in the 1970`s

(All photographs by M.A. King)

Left - East Lincs line seen from Skegness bound train as it diverges away eastwards from Firsby station.
Right - Firsby East Junction ex GNR somersault signals.

First station on the branch after Firsby is Thorpe Culvert showing a signalbox subsiding into the Lincolnshire clay. 4/4/70

A more recent view of Thorpe Culvert with new box and barrier crossing in place. 27/4/03

A nice view of Wainfleet station looking towards Skegness. 16/3/73

Wainfleet signalbox and level crossing 13/3/73

The main station buildings on the down platform at Wainfleet. 4/4/70

Looking back from a Skegness train at Wainfleet.

Next station along the branch is Havenhouse - note padlocked barrows. 4/4/70

Havenhouse down platform 16/9/73

A later picture of Havenhouse - with empty fire buckets! 4/4/70

Havenhouse up platform waiting rooms. 16/9/73

A well kept signalbox on the down line

Havenhouse seen from the train showing the very rural location. 4/4/70

Seacroft station, only 2.5 miles from Skegness, closed in December 1953. 4/4/70

This view shows the very short platform at Seacroft. 16/9/73

In 1964 the signal box had its lever frame removed and was demoted to a refuge for the crossing keeper.
In 1980 the gates were replaced by automatic barriers. 16/9/73