Shipley Glen Tramway, West Yorkshire.

29th June 2008

The museum building at Bottom Station displays photos and memorabilia of the tramway,
 which is Britains oldest cable operated tramway, opened to the public on May 18th 1895.

A replica of an original tramcar stands outside the museum.

A car arrives at Bottom Station.

The Tramway has a gauge of 20" and there are two tracks with a tramcar on each line.
The Tramway was originally powered by a Suction Gas Engine, then Town Gas followed by Oil in 1915,
before being converted to electricity in 1928

The second tramcar arriving at Bottom Station.

As can be seen one car has a roof whilst the second is completely open.

The maximum gradient is 1 in 7. This is a view from an uphill tramcar passing the empty descending car.

A view of the car after arrival at Top Station.

Looking towards Top Station building with the motorman in his cabin.


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