Steeple Grange Light Railway
Wirksworth Derbyshire
15th July 2012

The Steeple Grange Light Railway is an 18 inch gauge railway based near Wirksworth in Derbyshire.

The locomotive in use on the day of my visit was Ruston diesel ZM32 which had originally been owned by
British Railways and had operated within Horwich works.

Passengers are carried in "man riders" which have been rescued from coal mines in the Midlands.

These "man riders" are propelled up the 1 in 27 gradient, which had previously been a standard gauge freight branch
 connecting a stone quarry to the Cromford & High Peak Railway.

Approaching the present limit of the route, the train stops at a level crossing over a private industrial estate road...

... and continues under signals from the guard. The train waits here a short while whilst the friendly driver gives a short
history of the branch and answers any questions.

A Lister diesel "Lizzie" has come up to the shed and the driver is seen resetting the points for the mainline.

An uphill train passing the site of the engine shed, with the Lister diesel ...

....about to be moved into the 3 road shed.

The service train now seen coming downhill at the shed.

An intermediate station with a curious name. In fact the original standard gauge railway was known as The Killers Branch,
being built for the Killer Brothers of Wirksworth, owners of Middleton Quarry, who paid for its construction.

A second railway operates from the main station. This is a short branch which takes the visitors down...

...into the old quarry. This was powered by a battery electric mining loco.
This is a fascinating little railway operated by very enthusiastic volunteers - well worth a visit!