Sherwood Forest Railway
28th August 2013

Loxley station on the 15 inch gauge Sherwood Forest Railway...

...seen from the entrance gate.

The two coach train approaching Loxley station.

The train pulled by 0-4-0 "Pet" comes to a halt, is uncoupled and runs around its train.

"Pet" is a 5/8 scale model of a Kerr Stuart Wren which was used as a contractors loco.

Soon after leaving Loxley station the train passes through the tunnel, built with rope containers from the former Clipstone Pit.

After a pleasant run down a fairly steep gradient the train arrives at Weldale station, the present terminus.

The train in Weldale station.

After running around its train "Pet" is oiled up for the return up the grade to Loxley station.

A final check on the fire gives me chance for a last shot before I rejoin the train.

As we pull into Loxley station the driver prepares to hang the single line token on the bracket.