Scarborough North Bay Railway - 2007

No. 1933 "Poseidon" awaits its first departure of the day from Peasholm station. 20/1/07

The driver secures the points after reversing onto train at Peasholm station. 20/5/07

"Robin Hood" skirts the lake under tree cover. 20/5/07

Returning from Scalby Mills "Poseidon" is seen as it leaves the tunnel.

"Robin Hood" seen just after leaving Peasholm station in bright winter sunshine. 20/1/07

"Robin Hood" turns inland soon after passing through Sands station (disused). 20/1/07

Super power as "Poseidon" and " Neptune" double head a short train through the park. 20/1/07

The two locos are quickly turned and are nearly ready to depart from Scalby Mills station. 20/1/07

Later in day "Poseidon" passes through Sands station with North Bay to be seen on right of picture. 20/1/07

"Robin Hood" arrives at Scalby Mills terminus and will turn on turntable before returning to Peasholm. 20/1/07

No. 570 "Robin Hood" with North Bay in background returning to Peasholm. 20/1/07

Robin Hood is bathed in early morning sunshine as it emerges from the tunnel. 20/5/07

"Robin Hood" seen running through Peasholm Park 20/5/07.

A summer view of "Poseidon" passing "Robin Hood" at Sands station and token about to be exchanged. 20/5/07

Token now exchanged and trains pass through the loop. 20/5/07

With Scarborough Castle seen across North Bay, "Poseidon" heads towards Scalby Mills station. 20/5/07.