Signalboxes in the Grimsby & Cleethorpes area

Grimsby & Cleethorpes had 23 signalboxes up to the 1960s (If you include Great Coates and Waltham) and required
an estimated 90 signalmen.  After 24/12/15 there will be no regular signalmen in the area at all.

(photo - Steve Clark)

Cleethorpes station signalbox on 5th November 1977.

(photo - Steve Clark)
Fish Dock Road crossing in Grimsby looking towards Cleethorpes in mid 1980s.

(photo - Steve Clark)
Another view of Fish Dock Road crossing box showing it`s proximity to the docks.

(photo & description - John Nicholson)
Pasture Street signalbox box was built in 1961 and equipped with a conventional mechanical frame and semaphore signals
 in a local scheme which saw Holme Steet merged with Pasture Street, both boxes being GC wooden structures; Holme Street LC
 was closed and Pasture Street re-equipped with barriers. At the outset, the far set of barriers were further back to accommodate
 the single line branch to Goods Junction on the GN route to Louth and beyond.

25 years later, after some degree of rationalisation, the Goods Junction branch and the Up Goods line had both gone.
The box was completely re-equipped with a panel, the route from Grimsby Town to Cleethorpes was singled and
Pasture Street took on the control of all movements between Cleethorpes station and Marsh Junction.

(photo - Howe Collection)
Goods Junction Grimsby. A tight left hand curve (much wheel noise!) led into Grimsby Town Station.
The GNR goods depot is seen on right of box. This was the route to Grimsby Docks. Taken 1970.

(photo - Steve Clark)
Garden Street box just to the east of Grimsby Town station - 1980s

(Photo - M A King)
Wellowgate signalbox at the western end of Grimsby Town station in May 1980 after the gates had been replaced by barriers.

(photo - Steve Clark)
Friargate crossing which controlled the next crossing westwards after Wellowgate.

(photo - Steve Clark)
Littlefield Lane crossing was the next box westwards after Friargate - both closed in 1993

Marsh Junction box which controls the entrance to the Grimsby & District Light Railway west of Grimsby.

(photo - John Nicholson)
A close up of Marsh junction box - very difficult to photograph!

 Great Coates station, seen here in 1980s just before the crossing gates were replaced
with automatic half barriers and the signalbox demolished.

Another view of Great Coates from Station Road.

Stallingborough station with the Great Central signalbox and crossing gates - 28th Oct 2005.

A 28/10/05 view of Stallingborough box slowly subsiding, and soon to be replaced by the modern brick built structure
seen on the right. Gates were replaced by full barriers. Ten years later this new box would be surplus to requirement!

Brocklesby Junction box which controlled the junction to Ulceby Junction.

Barnetby East signalbox on the busy section between Wrawby Junction and Brocklesby Junction. 27/10/07.

Looking westwards from Barnetby station shows the fine array of semaphore signals controlling lines to Lincoln,
Retford and Scunthorpe at Wrawby Junction - box on right. 27/10/07

Wrawby Junction signalbox was the largest mechanical box in N. Lincolnshire.

(photo - John Nicholson)
First box after Wrawby Junction on Scunthorpe line was Elsham - closed 24th December 2015.

(photo - Maurice Kendall)
West Marsh Junction signal box on Grimsby Docks taken around 1980

(Photo - courtesy of Nigel Kaminski)
Brick Pit Sidings signalbox was on the west side of Grimsby Docks an area once full of sidings.

Great Coates Sidings No1 box, situated on the site of Great Coates sidings which are now mostly overgrown, but still
 in use for movements on the Grimsby & District Light Railway. Marsh Junction is in far distance.

After Gt.Coates No1 came Pyewipe Road on the Light Railway. The next box is Immingham East.

If you have any more photos of Grimsby area signalboxes I`d be very interested to see them!