Saltburn Miniature Railway 2011

A blue "Flying Scotsman" at head of train at Cat Nab station on 30th July 2011.

The Scotsman, believed to have been aquired from Cleethorpes, rounds the first curve to enter Valley Gardens.

28th August 2011

The scene at the Saltburn Miniature Railway locoshed on 28/8/11

Harry Barlow built locomotive "Prince Charles" about to leave shed with 3 coach train.

This locomotive was originally at the Southport Miniature Railway until about 1960.

Streamlined casing based on Gresleys A4s.

First train of the day about to depart from Forest station.

The ensemble seen between locoshed and Forest station.

Train from Cat Nab station approaching Forest terminus.

A side on view of loco at Cat Nab station.


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