Saltburn Miniature Railway
26th August 2006

The Saltburn Miniature Railway had a visit from "Mountaineer" (based at the
Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway) for 2 weeks in August 2006.

The loco is seen here coupling up to its train at Cat Nab station.

View of Cat Nab station from first bend.

Four coach train approaching first bend.

"Mountaineer" was built by Wilhelm Van Der Heiden in Holland in 1970.
It was sold to the Bush Mill Railway in Tasmania in 1985 and received new larger boiler and cylinders in 1992.
In June 2006 it was bought by an English enthusiast and is now based at Cleethorpes.

Now passing the loco depot and workshop. Photographers in evidence around the shed area.

The green building in left background is the old SMR shed and workshop.

Loco runs around train at the Forest terminus.

"Mountaineer" draws forward over sprung points to couple onto train.

Young enthusiasts await departure from Forest station.

Returning to Cat Nab Station. The railway was originally built in 1948 on the left bank of stream
- hence the now isolated green depot. The line opened on present formation in 2003.

Arrival of a packed 4 coach train at Cat Nab terminus.

 Another well loaded train, on its way into Valley Gardens.