The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Cumbria, England

15 inch gauge "River Esk" enters Ravenglass station with a summer afternoon train mid 1990`s.

"River Esk" uncouples and runs onto turntable and receives attention from a fitter.

"River Mite" comes off turntable and runs round its train at Ravenglass station. Note diesel railcar on left.

"River Mite" now coupled to its train awaits departure from Ravenglass station - mid 1990`s.

At the upper terminus of Dalegarth "River Mite" runs onto turntable ready for return journey.
The backdrop is the beautiful mountain scenery of the English Lake District.

(photo - M.Wallwork)
"Ursula" at Ravenglass in early 2000s.