Grimsby District Electric Railway

(photo R F Mack)
The Corporation Bridge terminus, in Grimsby, of the Grimsby to Immingham Tramway. This was a standard gauge electric
tramway, built by the Great Central Railway, to transport workers from the Grimsby area to their new dock at Immingham.

(Photo - John H Meredith)
Tram no.4 at the Corporatrion Road terminus on 21st June 1953.

(authors collection)
A 1950`s shot of an Immingham bound tram travelling along Corporation Road in Grimsby soon after leaving Corporation Bridge.
This section from Corporation Bridge to Cleveland Bridge closed soon afterwards.

(authors collection)
Another scene on the Corporation Road section. Here a Grimsby bound tram passes the Duke of York gardens.

(authors collection)
Following closure of the Corporation Road section the trams terminated at Cleveland Bridge
in the industrial area of Grimsby known as Pyewipe.

(photo - George Whitchurch)
A view of  a tram at Cleveland Bridge terminus with the British Titans factory in background - 20th May 1961.

(Photo - John H Meredith)
Pyewipe depot seen on 1st February 1953

(authors collection)
A scene at the Pyewipe depot with British Titan Products factory on left side.

(photo R B Parr)
The Pyewipe tramsheds with a fair number of trams on shed Sept 1960

(photo - Ray Heppenstall)
Another view of the tram depot at Pyewipe - 8th May 1960

(authors collection)
A packed Immingham Dock to Grimsby tram arrives at the Cleveland Bridge Terminus in Grimsby,
possibly in the last days of operation just prior to closure.

(photo - George Whitchurch)
A view of car 15 clearly showing the remoteness of the country sections.

(photo - George Whitchurch)
A Grimsby bound tram pictured about to cross Woad Lane in Great Coates - 20th May 1961.

(Photo - authors collection)
Cars 10 and 13 side by side at one of the remote passing places.

(Photo - John H Meredith)
Tram no5 seen at passing place no5 on 21st June 1953. At rear is the access platform for overhead line maintainance.

(authors collection)
A busy 1933 scene at Immingham Town where tram on left is just arriving from Immingham Dock after passing
over railway overbridge. To continue to Grimsby a reversal would then be required and it would follow the track
occupied by middle tram. Tram on right is just arriving from Grimsby.

(photo - George Whitchurch)
Tram seen at Immingham Town heading towards the docks after reversal. 15.04.1961

(Photo - John H Meredith)
Crew members stand in front of tram no 26 at Immingham Town on 21st June 1953

(photo - George Whitchurch)
3 cars stand awaiting passengers at Immingham Dock terminus - 5th November 1960.

(Photo - John H Meredith)
Following the floods of 1953 this was a scene near no 8 passing place where a washout of the track had occured.

Headboard from final day of operation 1st July 1961 - this is now in National Tramways Museum, Crich, Derbyshire
as is Grimsby & Immingham tramcar no 14.

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Two privilege return tickets from Cleveland Bridge to Immingham Dock and a
Child special cheap day return ticket.

A ticket for the last journey from Grimsby`s Corporation Bridge to Immingham Dock 10th June 1956.
The tramway along Corporation Road was then abandoned and services began at Cleveland Bridge.
Although this would lead to cheaper maintainance costs, not running on a public highway, Cleveland
Bridge was not so convenient for town and this move probably brought a decline in passenger numbers.