Grimsby & District Light Railway

An EWS officers special train, 1Z05, ran from Doncaster to Immingham and Great Coates,
using the Grimsby - Immingham Light Railway on 25th April 2008.

It is seen here, and above, approaching Mauds Bridge near Thorne in South Yorkshire...

..and is composed of DVT 82146, 3 coaches and powered by 67029 "Royal Diamond".

Approx two hours later it is seen near Woad Lane Great Coates on the light railway...

...which had been specially opened for the passage of the train - the line does not see a large
amount of regular traffic these days but is a very important diversionary route for Immingham traffic.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Viewed this time from Pyewipe Road level crossing, the train picks its way through Grimsbys industrial area known as Pyewipe.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
From here it would travel through Great Coates sidings and rejoin the main line at Marsh Junction.

87146 is seen passing through Great Coates station having rejoined the main Cleethorpes to Wrawby Jcn line.

67029 looking immaculate, as in fact the whole train did, leaving Great Coates, bound for Doncaster.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
A slightly less smart officers special (2Z01 Derby to Leeds) ran over the Light Railway on 4/6/08 - seen here at great Coates.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
The special now seen in Great Coates Sidings 57601 in charge.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Seen between Cleveland Bridge and the A180 overbridge.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Approaching Woad Lane Great Coates heading towards Immingham on Light Railway.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Humber Bank factories seen in backgound as train heads for Immingham.

66044 on 643H Immingham Biomass Lp to Drax Power Station seen crossing Kiln Lane Stallingborough on the Grimsby
and District Light Railway. Diversion was due to bridge work in the Killingholme area. 24/12/08

Biomass train heads towards Grimsby where it will access the Cleethorpes to Doncaster line at Marsh Junction. 24/12/08