Grimsby & District Light Railway
Diversions 10th February 2008

(photo John Willerton)
The following day, Sunday 10th Feb, saw very little traffic on the light railway, until early afternoon, when
60023 and 60089 were seen passing through Great Coates station towards Marsh Junction.

They then took the Light Railway from Marsh Junction...

...and are seen again at a farm crossing near Woad Lane Great Coates, travelling towards Immingham.

Around 3pm a loaded coal train crept up on me and I only managed a "going away shot" as it headed towards
Pyewipe Road and the Grimsby to Wrawby Jcn line.

More pictures around the Grimsby - Immingham Light Railway.

Further diversions took place on 1st & 2nd March - the latter of which was a VERY quiet Sunday!

This and picture above show Marsh Junction, Grimsby, where the light railway diverges from the Wrawby Jcn to Grimsby & Cleethorpes line.
A Manchester Airport service can just be seen passing under bridge to new retail park (not yet open), as can St. James church in Grimsby.

Looking towards Marsh Junction (in far distance) with Great Coates Sidings No1 box in shadow of Cleveland Bridge in Grimsby.
The single line from Pyewipe Road is centre road in foreground, left road being spur from Grimsby Docks West, and right being Great Coates Sidings.

66163 brings coal train from Immingham on single track light railway, passing under A180 trunk road...

...and takes the double track to Marsh Junction as it passes Great Coates Sidings No 1 box and Cleveland Bridge.