The Lincolnshire Poacher - 1st April 2006

B1 61264 passes Newark Northgate station at speed on the outward leg of a
Railway Touring Company special from Kings Cross to Cleethorpes and New Holland.

(photo - Andrew Whitta)
Leaving the ECML at Retford the train traversed freight only lines between Worksop and Doncaster.
It is seen here at Firbeck West junction, where the South Yorkshire Joint Line splits off to Harworth colliery.

(photo - Andrew Whitta)
Locomotive passing the location of Firbeck A signalbox on route to "Donny".

Some 3.5 hours later after a circuitous journey around Worksop and Doncaster the train arrives
at Grimsby Town Station some 1 hour and 20 mins late.

It was well worth the wait as the train passes through platform 1 at a crawl...

..there is apparently an 8 mph speed limit through this platform.

The train had been hauling a class 33 no.33025 at rear. This enabled the train to leave Cleethorpes terminus
without complicated shunting movements, as there are no longer facilities for loco run round at Cleethorpes.
As the New Holland branch is reached via the Brocklesby triangle the steam loco would be facing
"right way" after departure from New Holland later in day.

The train being watered at Cleethorpes station from a hydrant.

Support crew attend to loco sand boxes...

...and trim the coal in tender, ready for return journey, whilst at Cleethorpes.

A nice view of train in platform 3 with a Manchester Airport class 158 in adjacent platform.

Naturally the train proved a crowd puller with many families coming to show
youngsters what trains were like "in the good old days"!

Diesel hauled now, the train is seen at New Clee station soon after leaving Cleethorpes.

B1, seen from New Clee station, is now hauled backwards, in light steam, to New Holland.

Loco disappears backwards under Humber Road bridge, which carries road traffic
into Grimsby Fish Docks. The New Clee area was once full of sidings used
for making up the express fish trains for which Grimsby was once famous.

Steam in charge once again. 61264 brings train into Goxhill station soon after leaving New Holland.

Signalperson is displaying a red flag from box and loco comes to a stand to receive verbal
information from signalbox.

(photo Bill Gladwell)
A timeless shot of the loco with MS&L built Goxhill station building behind.

Loco at stand by Goxhill signalbox.

Information passed to crew, and train departs hauling the diesel to Doncaster.

(photo Peter Enefer)
61264 seen here between Crowle & Keadby power station on return to Doncaster.

(photo Peter Enefer)
A final shot of a locomotive class which was predominant in North Lincolnshire in the 1950/60`s