Perrygrove Railway, Gloucestershire - 29th June 2014

Perrygrove station seen at start of the day 29/6/14

The 3 coach train is bathed in warm sunshine... the crew await passengers for the first departure.

Locomotive for the day is the Alan Keefe built 2-6-2 tank engine "Lydia".

The train passes through Heywood station on the wooded section.

"Lydia" is now seen passing under the bridge leading to Oakiron and the extensive childrens play area.

Having arrived at Oakiron terminus the loco has run around its train ready to return downhill.

The train negotiates the curve after Rookwood station on its return to Perrygrove.

A train on the edge of the wood soon after leaving Perrygrove.

Now seen just before the curve which will take the train into Rookwood station.

"Lydia" now seen leaving Rookwood station with an uphill train.

My request to visit the shed led to a guided tour of the well appointed maintainance facilities - many thanks!
Here is the impressive ex Bushmills Railway of Tasmania Garratt locomotive.

Standing on the next road was James Waterfields Heywood replica "Ursula".

Hunslet diesel "Jubilee" was the days standby locomotive.

A very interesting Lister which had seen use in a Gloucester factory complex.
A very tidy, well run railway, with friendly staff!