North Yorkshire Moors Railway to Battersby
Sunday 4th October 2009

It`s 0745 ( and cold!) at Pickering station and "pocket rocket" 76079 runs around the stock it has just brought in for the 0800 to Grosmont.

The 0800 took us to Grosmont where we found "Oliver Cromwell" in platform 2.

The Britannia is rostered to take the 0940 to Battersby on the Esk Valley line.
It does this by propelling out of Grosmont platform 2 onto Network Rail metals to re-enter Grosmont on platform 1.

70013 and train at Battersby in glorious autumn sunshine.

On return from Battersby we cross the 1100 from Whitby, hauled by "Repton", at Glaisdale station.

Time for a pint at the Station Hotel at Grosmont but first a pic of 75029!

Schools class 30926 "Repton" has brought the 1420 Whitby train into Battersby - it`s first day of Esk Valley line running.

It now runs around its train passing a NER water crane on platform end.

A great day out on the NYMR - speeds of 45 mph (the line maximum) behind 70013 and 30926 were clocked on the Esk Valley line.
70013 seen here on the 1700 Grosmont to Pickering at journeys end - It was due to move up to New Bridge sidings after this
to be transported by road back to its home base at the GCR Loughborough for their gala next weekend.