Barton & New Holland Branch - 1970`s & 1980`s

Barton terminus around 1971. The station buildings are still standing but are boarded up.
Goods shed to left and evidence of goods traffic in the box vans.

The scene at Thornton Abbey station c1971 and station buildings still intact (compare 1980`s scene!).
A four car Derby dmu arrives from the Cleethorpes direction.


A Derby heavyweight dmu  pulls in to Barton Interchange on a working from Cleethorpes.
The neat redbrick buildings have given way to a bus shelter on the forecourt.

This Derby heavyweight dmu has just traversed Oxmarsh Crossing outside New Holland Town
 with the timber yards and warehouses of New Holland just visible in the distance.

View inside Oxmarsh Crossing box which still had a
traditional frame despite the modern construction of the building.

 Cleethorpes-bound Derby heavyweight pulls into Goxhill
where a bus shelter has already replaced the traditional shelter.

Cleethorpes-bound Derby heavyweight passes Goxhill signal box towards Habrough.

The Cleethorpes-bound dmu is approaching Thornton Abbey level crossing
where the gates across this road linking Thornton Curtis with East Halton were still operated by hand.

 Good view of a New Holland bound train pulling away past Thornton Abbey’s
home signal and heading over the level crossing

New Holland-bound Derby heavyweight pulling into Thornton Abbey station.
The splendid LNER wooden name boards have survived the demolition of the station
house and buildings and their replacement with the ubiquitous bus shelter.

All photographs and captions by Chris Bates