The Barton Branch - cont

Goxhill station showing privately owned station buildings in excellent state of repair - 7th Mar 01

Single car 153351 forming the 1411hrs from Barton to Cleethorpes at Goxhill - 7th Mar 01

153351 departs Goxhill passing the signal box - 7th Mar 01

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Not an everday sight at Goxhill! 66186 & 66056 with the snow plough on the Barton branch which had been closed for
several days, as had the Scunthorpe to Doncaster line, due to heavy snow - 11/12/10

153304 approaching Goxhill station with a Barton on Humber train - 26/10/13

153304 seen with a Cleethorpes train passing Goxhill up distant signal....

...and then running into Goxhill station - 26/10/13

Single car 153304 approaches New Holland station from the Barton on Humber direction.

153304 enters New Holland station with the 1010hrs train for Cleethorpes on 9th Aug 2001

Hand operated gates at Barrow Road crossing, New Holland - 9th Aug 2001

Following closure the Humber Ferry link and the stations of New Holland Town and New Holland Pier, the new station
seen here, and above, was opened on the Barton on Humber chord of the junction to serve New Holland  - 9th Aug 2001