The Barton on Humber branch today

Single car 153319 forming the 1100hrs service to Barton on Humber stands in autumn sunshine at Cleethorpes station on
15th November 2001. The original station buildings (now a pub) are behind the Northern Spirit Manchester Airport train.

Another view of 153319 at Cleethorpes terminus with 158777 on the left. The big-wheel on right of picture is
situated on the sands. 15th November 2001

153301 in platform 2 at Grimsby Town station, awaiting departure with the 10.04 to Barton
on the first day of  the new summer Sunday service on 2nd June 2002

Twin car 150274 leaves Grimsby Town station with the 1108hrs departure for Barton on Humber on a very wet 17/5/01

153307 with the 1055 departure from Cleethorpes to Barton on Humber seen at Littlefield Lane crossing
soon after leaving Grimsby Town - 5/10/11

153360 pauses at Healing station on a grey overcast January day - 15th Jan 2011

Leaving Healing 153360 crosses the lane and heads to Stallingborough and Barton

153331 enters Stallingborough station on 28th October 2005...

...with a service from Barton to Cleethorpes.

153378 enters Habrough station with the 1222hrs service for Cleethorpes on 14th Aug 2001
The footbridge has since been removed.

Habrough is the nearest passenger station to Immingham and has good rail links.

The Barton branch leaves the main Cleethorpes to Doncaster line at Habrough junction.
153378 is seen here going towards Ulceby and Barton on 14th Aug 2001.

Twin car set 150269 comes off the Barton & New Holland branch and negotiates the junction with the Immingham line,
on right, to enter the bi-directional platform at Ulceby with the 1218 train for Cleethorpes on 26th Mar 01

153301 leaves Ulceby station and passes Ulceby Junction signalbox, taking the left hand
line to Habrough, where it rejoins the mainline to Cleethorpes. 2/6/02

Single car 153331 enters Thornton Abbey station with the 1414hrs train for Cleethorpes 11/5/01

The abbey which gives its name to the station is seen in the distance 11/05/01

This newly restored station sign was erected just days before this photo of December 2009

An early evening train from Barton to Cleethorpes slows on the approach to Thornton Abbey station - 1.4.06