Freight operations on the Barton on Humber line

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s freight traffic on the Barton branch began to develop dramatically – for while the traditional wagon load goods had gone the way of all flesh,
new traffic appeared in the development of Messrs. Albright & Wilson’s chemical works at Barton, as well as other flows from New Holland.
In June 1982 Chris Bates managed to spend a morning in bright sunshine observing and photographing one of the chemical tanker trains
which connected Albright & Wilson’s Barton factory with the company’s plant at Workington.

 A view looking towards Barrow Haven of the siding from Albright & Wilson’s works
which then formed a very long loop to the Barton branch.

View of the points and stop board at the
Barrow Haven  end of the loop.

Loaded freight form Barton to Workington draws in to the loop.

 Class 37 143 negotiates the points from the loop on to the Barton branch with its Workington-bound freight.

 This photo gives an idea of the size of the tankers
used on the service – which sadly, finished many years ago.

Class 37 waits in the loop for a Barton-bound Derby heavyweight to pass it.
Note sunbathing member of crew on the match wagon!

 View from the class 37’s footplate as a
Cleethorpes-bound Derby heavyweight heads past from Barton.

All photographs and captions by Chris Bates.