Railways in North Lincolnshire

Published August 2005

By Chris Bates and Martin Bairstow.

A 112 page book on North Lincolnshires railways lavishly illustrated with photographs many of which have not been published before.

Contents include Cleethorpes, Grimsby Fish, New Holland, Barton Branch, Humber Ferry, Connections with Lincoln, Welham Rd & Clarboro` Jcn, Trent Ancholme & Grimsby Railway, Barton & Immingham Lt Railway, Grimsby District Railway, Great Grimsby Street Tramways, Grimsby for the Continent, Port of Immingham, North Lindsey Lt Railway, Axeholme Joint Railway, Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway, Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway and more.....

The book is not just a history but also a survey of the present day scene.......North Lincolnshires railways and their ports are very much still in business.

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