The Mablethorpe Branch

(Photo -  F. J. Soar/A. J. Ludlam Collection.)
The crowds waiting outside Mablethorpe station for their return train home - August 1964.

(photo - authors collection)
A very grimy 43147 stands at Mablethorpe station in April 1963. Mablethorpe had by this time become the end of a branch
line from Willoughby, following the closure of the northern arm of the loop to Louth in December 1960.

(Photo -
A. Barton/A. J. Ludlam Collection.)

Mablethorpe station circa 1960 with B1 61158 and 61249 FitzHerbert Wright'.

(photo Dave Barton)
Brush Type 2 D5843 at Mablethorpe station in 1969 with an 8 coach Saturday special for Nottingham.

(courtesy  Dave Barton)
An LNER Free Platform Ticket

(photo Dave Barton)
2 car Craven unit at Mablethorpe late September 1970

(photo courtesy - Phil Eldridge of LWR)
A Boston bound dmu at Mablethorpe in 1970

(photo courtesy - Phil Eldridge of LWR)
A 2 car Derby dmu leaves Mablethorpe on the way to Willoughby.

(photo Dave Barton)
A July 1969 shot of Mablethorpe with Newspaper stall still open.

(photo Dave Barton)
Mablethorpe signal box situated north of the station.

(Chris Bates Collection)
B1 approaching Mablethorpe with a sizeable train

(Photo - A. J. Ludlam Collection.)
A very quiet post closure scene at Mablethorpe in December 1970

(Photo - Harper Shaw - courtesy of Nick Shaw)
This photo shows the sad remains of the once busy Mablethorpe station in 1971, after the track was lifted but before the
buildings were demolished. Also of note on the left is one of the ‘Dukw’s, which used to give rides from the beach.

(Photo - Robin Leleux)
Another 1971 photo - this time of Sutton on Sea station minus track and most buildings looking towards Willoughby.

Mablethorpe miniature (model) railway

(Authors Collection)
Mablethorpe model railway originally ran on the sands between 1924–5 adjacent to Quebec Road at North Shore before moving to its High St location

(Authors Collection)
The 7.25 inch "Model Railway" in Mablethorpe  ran between 1926 and 1939 on a site beside the High Street and behind George Street. It
was an oval track with two tunnels, three bridges and the halt shown. In 1940 the site was used for tank disposal & railway lifted.

(Authors Collection)
Another view of the model railway on the High Street site with pacific locomotive.

"Lorna Doone" which worked at Mablethorpe seen in "Rails to Sands" exhibition in Cleethorpes in 2010.