Foxfield Railway loans loco to LWR - 30th Dec 2007

The Foxfield Railway has loaned an industrial tank locomotive to Lincolnshire Wolds Railway until May 2008.

The locomotive is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine built in 1888 for Robert Heaths works in Stoke on Trent.

This series of pictures was taken on Sunday 30th December 2007 when No 6 was on passenger duties at LWR.

No 6 starts the three coach train away from Ludborough station.

A plume of smoke and exhaust steam drifts across the road as the train heads northwards.

This shot shows the diminutive lines of the powerful locomotive.

Ludboroughs ex GNR somersault up home signal completes a study of the station area with steam departure.

Footplate crew member looks back as station is left behind.

A fine display of exhaust as the engine is opened up and begins to work hard.

The train passes the quarter mile post.

Crossing gates are now open to road traffic.

A view from top of cutting shows up fixed distant and home signals.

The train is seen across a typical Lincolnshire landscape as it is now propelled back to Ludborough station.

Arriving back at Ludborough station.

I would like to thank the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway for their permission to photograph from the trackside,
and wish them every success in their planned extension into North Thoresby station in 2008!