LWR Easter Gala 25th April 2011

A darkened sky over Ludborough shed as the 4 steam locos raise steam in the early Easter Monday morning.

Jinty 47406 on loan from the Great Central Railway takes water on shed.

Haydock foundry well tank loco "Bellerophon" from the Foxfield Railway moves off shed.

A grand exit from Ludborough station with resident Peckett 0-4-0ST "Fulstow" leading
Peckett 0-4-0ST no 1438 on loan from AFRPS in Scunthorpe.

The pair coast past the camera, with power off, on way to North Thoresby.

The Jinty was the first loco at LWR to face south and is seen here passing Ludborough up distant signal.

"Bellerophon" coasts into North Thoresby and crew hand over single line token to signalman.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
The two Pecketts are uncoupled from the train at North Thoresby station.