Lincolnshire Wolds Railway
Wooden Bodied Grain Wagons

Three wooden bodied grain wagons stand on the trackbed at Louth in the mid 1980`s
 They were donated by the local maltsters to the Grimsby - Louth Railgroup.

(photo James Tyers)
Having suffered from the elements and vandalism they are finally rescued from Louth in
2000. The first one is seen here being lifted by crane at the start of the road journey to Ludborough.

(photo James Tyers)
The road trailer arrives at Ludborough and is positioned on the level crossing to
enable the crane to lift the wagon onto the track.

(photo James Tyers)
A view of the lift from the Fulstow side of the crossing.

All the wooden panelling has been removed and restoration of the steel framework
is well advanced in this picture taken on 23rd December 2001.

(photo - Iain Chalmers)
The van in 2013 showing the huge amount of work that has gone into this project.

(photos - Iain Chalmers)
More 2013 views showing the side hatchway in position.