The Louth Freight - April 1979

In April 1979 Malcolm Roughley obtained permission from B.R. to travel from Grimsby to Louth on the three times a week freight train which served
the Associated British Maltsters malt kiln at Louth, by a now singled 14 mile long branch,  following the closure of the East Lincolnshire Railway in 1970.
This freight service ceased in 1980 and the line was lifted.

I thank Mr Roughley for permission to reproduce his photographs here.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
31113 stands at rear of platform 3 at Grimsby Town station ready to travel westwards
to West Marsh sidings to collect its train.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
08076  stands in platform 3 at Grimsby Town station.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
31113 stands in West Marsh sidings in Grimsby awaiting its train.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
31113 with its train of a single van of fibreglass for Louth seen at Waltham station.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
Crew members return to train after having operated the gates at Station Road New Waltham.

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
The train at Grainsby Lane about to restart after traversing the level crossing. There were 8 such level crossings on the 14 mile
long single line, the train would stop at each one, crew members would open gates, the train would cross and stop again to await the
crew to rejoin after closing gates. The 14 mile journey would take about 90 minutes!

(photo - Malcolm Roughley)
The crossing at Ludborough showing the up platform. This is now the site of the
Lincolnshire Wolds Railway and has been totally re-equipped with station buildings and signalbox.