Lincolnshire Railway Workers

Stations, Signallers & Crossings and PW Staff.

(photo - courtesy Estelle Mumby)
Railway staff pose by Barnetby signal box about 1911. Bob Mumby, Estelles great grandfather is 3rd from right in middle row.

(photo - courtesy of Lincolnshire Wolds Railway)
Louth station staff pose for the camera in 1926

(photo - courtesy Bruce Woods)
A superb study of railway workers taken at Counter Drain at the time the wooden bridge piers were receiving attention.
Counter Drain was on the Spalding to Bourne line which closed in 1964.

(authors collection)
A very smartly dressed track gang and signalman at Hallington station on the Louth to Bardney line.

(photo - courtesy of David Burton)
Len Tabour, signalman at Alford Town on the East Lincolnshire Line,
looks out from a well decorated signalbox.

(photo - courtesy of Lisa Philips)
The staff at Skegness station in the 1930's.

(authors collection)
Mrs Evelyn Hobden, the lady crossing keeper at Fotherby Halt near Louth, who lived
in the house beside the line with her husband Cyril, who was also a crossing keeper for many years.

(Photo -  F. Soar/A. J. Ludlam Collection.)

Repairing the gate at Seaholme Road crossing, Mablethorpe

(photo courtesy of Andy Cole)
This is the staff at Firsby station in a picture is dated August 1932.
Herbert Barford, (Station Foreman?), is the gentleman at the back left pointing at the sign.

(authors collection)
For many years Burgh-le-Marsh station won awards in the best kept station competition.
Here is a proud railway worker tending the beautiful floral display.

Signaller David Neve on duty for the final shift, before Wrawby Junction signalbox was decommissioned on 24th December 2015.
 He is pulling off for the final train movement past the box to be signalled by the semaphores.