Lincolnshire Poacher No.6
to Southampton 1961

(photo - courtesy of Dave Bell)
Immingham B1 No. 61144 pictured at Lincoln Central on the "Lincolnshire Poacher" train to Southampton in 1961.

(photo - Bill Woolhouse Collection/LCLR)
61144 at Nottingham Victoria where it was replaced by 61036.

(photo - courtesy of Dave Bell)
61036 on the train now at Nottingham before the "Poacher" continued to Southampton via Banbury,
Oxford and Whitchurch.

(photo - courtesy of Dave Bell)
Std class 5 no. 73110"The Red Knight" pictured at Southampton just before returning to Lincolnshire with the special train.

(image - courtesy of Dave Bell)
The ticket for the excursion promoted by North Lincs Rail Tours.
If only the route were still possible today!