Final passenger trains between Grimsby and Louth - 1980

A number of special trains were run, by the Grimsby to Louth Rail Group, to and from Louth
following withdrawal of passenger services by BR.

A 5 car dmu forms a special into Louth in 1980. Only track into the bay platform No.1 survives.

The ABM malt-kiln building dominates the area once occupied by Louth goods depot.

The 5 car special leaves Louth over Keddington Rd crossing passing Louth North signalbox

(Photo - Peter Skegness LEYTR)
Another special train, this time seen in the goods yard adjacent to ABM maltings.

The Grimsby - Louth Rail Group (forerunners of the GN&ELRPS) special train from Louth to York
on 28th Sept. 1980 seen en-route in platform 1 at Doncaster station awaiting reversal onto the ECML

(photo - Stuart Paterson)
The special train seen passing over Doughty Road in Grimsby, on the sharp curve from GN Junction just before Grimsby Town station.

The special trains had to stop at each of the 8 level crossings between Louth and Grimsby for the crew to open
and the close the gates. Above is Fotherby crossing.

Tickets for York special and the final train over the line (Santa Special) on 20th December 1980

 The large souvenir ticket  issued on the final "Santa" special on 20/12/80.

Final Santa Special dmu in Louth station 20th December 1980

A second view of the final Santa train at Louth