Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Tickets,
from collection of Chris Bates

                          Single June 1964                                                    Original Single August 1960

                               4th series 1963                                                             Single August 1961

                Original series August 1960                                                                Summer 1962

                        2nd series July 1961                                            First fully named series Summer 1962

                      Last initialled series 1962                                                           Summer 1962

Tickets below had probably been prepared the opening of the "new line" (1966/67/68?) but one may 
predate that, and that is the amazing Child Cheap Day return, with perforations and two colours.

The LCLR stopped using its initials on tickets about 1962 
or 1963 and went over to tickets with its full name on.

Edmondson cards had largely fallen out of use by the mid to late 60's because of cost, in favour of printed reel tickets and then just plain "cloakroom" tickets issued up to the demise of the line.

Note the above are for unusual journeys on the new line, rather than the "normal" North Sea Lane to South Sea Lane which was the norm for 99% of journeys. (South Sea Lane to Beach, Beach to South Sea Lane -- just amazing they had printed Edmondson cards for these journeys as they were not cheap to print). It wasn't long before the intermediate station at Beach fell out of use and Anthony's Bank Halt was very soon closed.

 New 2012 Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Tickets

New Edmondson tickets have been printed for the 2012 season at Skegness. These have been very kindly sponsored by Skegness Water Leisure Park reviving a tradition of having advertisements on the reverse of the ticket,  which is something not possible with an e-ticket, phone app or an oyster card!