BBC Radio Humberside broadcasts live from the LCLR - 1981

For the 21st anniversary of the 1960 opening of the LCLR, BBC Radio Humberside asked if it could
do a live outside broadcast of its popular Saturday morning programme (presented by Chris Yates,
who was very much a local personality at the time).  BBC’s engineers  used a system which involved a
radio mike on the train transmitting to a mobile studio which was travelling on the roadway through
Humberston Fitties parallel to the line.

 The mobile studio arrives outside the North Sea Lane terminus of the LCLR
 note the imposing “Railway Station” sign!

The mobile studio takes up its position beside the track as Chris Yates interviews driver
Richard Shepherd. The ex-Ashover coach and open saloon form the train.

 Chris Yates with radio microphone and transmitter has a word with Jurassic!

Fame time for young passengers on the platform at South Sea Lane.

A further interview for Richard Shepherd at South Sea Lane.

For the broadcast on the return journey Chris Yates travelled in the cab of the Simplex loco and
interviewed Richard – keeping the balance between the noise of the loco and interviewer’s and
interviewee’s voices must have tested the skills of the BBC’s engineers as their mobile studio
paced the train, seen here nearing North Sea Lane terminus.
The event was deemed to be a great success.

All photographs and captions by Chris Bates