Pay Lists from Ludborough station in 1848/9

I am indebted to Mr Rodney Burton for the following information and scans of ELR pay lists from Ludborough
station in mid 1840`s. Mr Burtons great grandfather, William Burton (1821-1915) was employed by the
railway most of his working life, first as a labourer 'repairing the permanent way', at Ludborough from
1848 to 1856, then at as platelayer and later gate keeper living at the Hanby Road gatehouse No. 35,
at Willoughby.

These three examples of 'pay lists' of the period 1848-49 which name his great grandfather, William,
and his step-father Chas Burton.  These are scans of photocopies supplied by PRO Kew.

The men were paid fortnightly (from a Friday until the Thursday) earning 2s 8d or 3s 4d a day.
The pay was signed for by each labourer and the list was signed by Henry Fowler on behalf of the railway company.

Work was usually 'repairing the permanent way' at Ludborough, but other 'Construction of Works' was undertaken by the gang such as: Repairing main line at station, Laying in sidings at Thoresby and Holton 10-24 Aug 1848;
Making landing wharfs at Waltham and Ludborough, Ballasting, Removing materials off the line,
Laying in sidings at Waltham; Making approach to timber wharf, Clearing drain in Keddington parish,
Filling chalk, etc, 1-14 Dec 1848; Loading chalk at Louth, Breaking and spreading chalk at Louth, Waltham,
Holton, Ludboro', Thoresby and Grimsby, Fixing crane, etc, 15-18 Dec 1848.

The railway line between Louth and Grimsby was the first section of the ELR to be opened in March 1848.