Heckington Station Railway Museum

The museum is housed in the original 1859 Heckington Railway station buildings, which have been carefully restored to
their former glory, having been saved from British Rail demolition by Heckington Village Trust in 1975.
The General Waiting Room contains a selection of local and railway displays, GNR fireplace, ticket window and sales counter.

In the adjoining Ticket Office there are numerous railway artefacts ranging from station names boards, railway uniforms,
cast iron warning signs, railway lamps, and railway models, as well as the ticket office equipment
with ticket racks, Edmondson ticket stamp, and other railway office furniture.

The stationmasters office is well equipped.

The Museum is situated at Heckington railway station, Lincolnshire, where trains are available to and from
Skegness, Grantham and further afield.


A 1902 excursion ticket from Heckington


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