The Lincolnshire Coast Express
13th March 2010

(photo - Peter Enefer)
The Railway Touring Company`s "Lincolnshire Coast Express" started from London (Liverpool St.) and travelled to Cleethorpes
via Ely, Peterborough, Newark and Lincoln. It is seen above passing Barnetby East signalbox, and a fine array of semaphores..

(photo - Peter Enefer)
..then begins its climb up to New Barnetby, and Brocklesby.

(photo - Peter Enefer)
Close up of  70013 "Oliver Cromwell" on this 3 road section between Wrawby Jcn and Brocklesby Jcn.

(photo - Peter Brackenbury)
Now up the gradient and approaching Nabbs Bridge and New Barnetby.

70013 "Oliver Cromwell" at New Barnetby with Nabbs Bridge in background.

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Passing the new signalbox at Stallingborough station - shame the semaphores have now gone.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
After being held by signal for several minutes at Littlefield Lane crossing on the approach to Grimsby...

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
... 70013 now crosses Wellowgate and enters Grimsby Town station.